Genesis: An Introduction to Yoga

Welcome to Genesis: An Introduction to Yoga, a video series designed to help busy people learn yoga and integrate its benefits into their daily lives.
Thank you for being here! To help you get the most out of this program, I am available to answer your questions via email or during one of the several weekly group video conference sessions. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to your questions and feedback!

*Please watch the Sample Video before beginning the program. It teaches alignment principles in poses that we will practice throughout the course.genesis-intro-small_std.original

Click here
for Sample Video




Click here for Week One Videos       genesis-part-2-small_std.original


part 3 snapshot Click here for Week Two Videos       genesis-part-4-small_std.original


genesis-part-5_std.original Click here for Week Three Videos    genesis-part-6_std.original



genesis-part-7_dvd.original     Click here for Week Four Videos      video 8 snapshot


genesis-part-9__std.original  Click here for Week Five Videos  genesis-part-10_std.original-3083322564-1529509732671.jpg


Genesis part 11 snapshotClick here for Week Six Videos   Genesis part 12 snapshot



genesis part 13 snapshot  Click here for Week Seven Videos  genesis-part-14-snapshot.png




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