Our Rope Walls

What are Rope Walls?

Our rope walls support the body in safely releasing chronic muscular tension. We also use them to bring more awareness to certain aspects of poses.

“From steadiness comes ease”
Sutra II.46

This is not aerial yoga. Our ropes are attached to the wall, not suspended from the ceiling. The wall provides a stabile surface to keep you safe and supported as the muscles gradually release tension.

Coming soon: More photos and videos of how the ropes can support your yoga practice
How can the Rope walls help my yoga practice?
  • Hold the ropes for better balance in standing poses
  • Place the ropes around the legs in standing poses to access greater freedom in the hips
  • Find new depths in forward bends and back bends as gravity helps bring more mobility into the spine
  • Using the ropes for inversions is an experience like no other as decades worth of tension melts away from the hips, back, shoulders, and neck
  • We also use the ropes to strengthen the back, improve posture

I wish I had a Yoga Wall in my home!

Although the ropes can seem intimidating at first, students quickly fall in love with them and want to use them every day.

The Great Yoga Wall, Inc.

You can order the all the hardware and accessories needed for your own Yoga Wall at the link above.

What are the health Benefits of Rope Yoga?
  • Improve circulation and blood flow to the entire body
  • Improve spine health by using traction to relieve pressure or compression of the vertebrae
  • Release tension in the joints

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5 Reasons To Try Rope Wall Yoga

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