Self Care Challenge Calendar

You already know how much coming to class helps your body and mind. Go you! (And THANK YOU for your continued support!) But even a self-care savant can get off track during the holidays, so join me on this challenge and let’s be Holiday Bosses together!

This fun, printable calendar will help! (Why is a printable calendar fun? Is that weird? Is it just me?) Stick it on the fridge and circle your classes as a daily reminder that self-care is a top priority.

AND there are bonus prizes for you! Scroll down to check them out.

Bonus Prize

Self care is its own prize, but who doesn’t love a bonus?

If you complete the 12 Days of Self Care Challenge, you can choose one of these four awesome prizes!!!!

  • A free bolster
  • 2 free yoga blankets
  • 30% off your next 10-class pass
  • 30% off gift certificates (wow!)

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