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kim headshot B.I. copyKim (Desi) Stevenson

In early 2000, I got hooked on yoga because it felt good. It was very challenging, but after class I always felt clear and peaceful.  (This is what I’d remind myself when I was feeling lazy and debating skipping class).

As I began to study yoga in greater depth, I discovered that yoga provides guidelines for how to move through life with greater ease and satisfaction. The foundation of yoga philosophy consists of ten simple principles called the yamas and niyamas, which are the inspiration for my family yoga classes and the accompanying stories.

Yoga students are always welcome to accept whichever teachings work for them and leave the rest. It can be used purely as a tool for physical health, or as a spiritual path, or anything in between.  I am so grateful to this practice for providing increased stability and openness in my body and mind.

I have taught Iyengar yoga since 2003. I am grateful to many teachers, especially Richard McLaughlin for being a brilliant and dedicated mentor; to Janice Vien and Jill Johnson for their support,  guidance, and wonderful teaching; and to B.K.S. Iyengar for dedicating his entire life to making yoga accessible to every body.

When not teaching, I love to spend time with my family, be in the woods, visit new places, and eat.

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