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Join Eden Yoga’s Self-Care Challenge!

November 26th – December 23rd, 2018

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December is hectic! Commit to staying healthy through the holidays so you can embrace the new year feeling refreshed.
Complete this FUN, free* challenge with me and win a prize at the end!WHO: You, me, and a few other friends
WHAT: Come to 1 yoga class per week,
plus complete 2 self-care rituals at home each week
WHEN: 4 Weeks, 11/26 – 12/23
WHERE: Eden Yoga and your favorite places to relax
WHY: Stay fit, clear and calm during the holidays!
Plus you get a prize upon completion!Sounds awesome! How do I join? 
It’s easy! Email me at edenyoganh@gmail.com and say “Hey Kim, I want to be part of the Self-Care Challenge!”
I’ll reply with a link to our online calendar where you can mark off the days that you complete a self-care ritual.What do you mean by “self-care ritual?”
It can be anything that you do with the intention of nurturing yourself. For example, meditation, pranayama, relaxing with a cup of tea, taking a bubble bath, or getting a massage…Try to hold in your mind the intention of nurturing yourself for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. I’ll email ideas as we go. Please feel free to share your ideas as well!

*Normal yoga class fees still applies

Special Yoga Workshop:
Effort & Surrender: Finding a Magical Balance

8098330058_d65201291a_z (1)Saturday, December 8, 2018
11:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Limited to 12 students. To reserve your spot, please contact me or purchase online.


In this unique workshop, we will move through a series of supported yoga poses that open the heart and facilitate deep personal reflection.

    ~Gift yourself a relaxed, rested body~

Short readings inspire reflection on two key elements to living a happy life:
1. Exercising your power to create a meaningful, satisfying life, and
2. Embracing complete acceptance and gratitude for what IS.

     ~Share a heart overflowing with love and gratitude~

A personal notebook (provided by Eden Yoga) will be nearby to empty your thoughts into.

   ~Create mental clarity and peace of mind~ 

These two concepts seem paradoxical, but there is territory in which they unite. This is the wellspring of santosha (contentment).

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