UPDATE: April 2021

THE BOOKS: YogaYama! classes went on hold for the past year as I worked on finishing the first book in the Mangrove Place series: Behind Mogo’s Mask, is coming to bookstores in May 2021!

“Behind Mogo’s Mask” is about a motorcycle-riding lion named Mogo on a rowdy adventure. One day, he cruises into a strange place where he discovers a secret that could make him more powerful than he ever imagined. For it to work, he must abandon his ruffian ways. Is Mogo brave enough give up everything he knows for an uncertain future?

In each book in the Mangrove Place series, the main character discovers a positive aspect of his or her true nature that had become lost while navigating the challenges of everyday life. In yoga philosophy, there are ten positive qualities that we all possess (but sometimes unwittingly hide). They are the five yamas and five niyamas. “Behind Mogo’s Mask” is about the first yama, “non-harming” or “kindness.”

As the weather warms up, we’ll be offering some outdoor kids yoga classes in Concord, NH and Exeter, NH.

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What is YogaYama!?

YogaYama! is more than a family yoga class…

There are ten great ideas from yoga philosophy called the yamas & niyamas. As I began to incorporate them into my life and and share these ideas with my children, I thought to myself “Wow, imagine if I had learned this stuff when I was a kid? Imagine if we all got to learn about this as kids?”

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What is the best way to teach these concepts to kids?
I began writing stories. I started teaching these stories, along with yoga poses and breathwork, at my daughter’s school, her girl scout troop, her afterschool program…Several years later, I have many original stories that I weave into the classes.

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And thus, YogaYama! was born.

YogaYama! is all about families learning these concepts together. We get to laugh and play together in class, then go home with open hearts and some practical wisdom to make navigating life a little easier.

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