What is YogaYama!?

YogaYama! is more than a family yoga class…

There are ten great ideas from yoga philosophy called the yamas & niyamas. I had superficially studied them over the years but it wasn’t until I started creating a Beginning Yoga video series that I really started to dig into these concepts and realized how useful they are.  Ok, but what are they? Read my blog post about them. 

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I thought to myself “Wow, imagine if I had learned this stuff when I was a kid? Imagine if we all got to learn about this as kids?”

And thus, YogaYama! was born.

Well, sort of. I wish it were that quick and easy!  A vision was born, anyway. A vision of families learning these concepts together. Laughing and playing together in a yoga class, and going home with open hearts and some new ideas to discuss together.

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But how? What is the best way to teach these concepts to kids?
I began writing stories. I started teaching these stories, along with yoga poses and breathwork, at my daughter’s school, her girl scout troop, her afterschool program…Many revisions later, I have 5 halfway decent stories. 5 more to go.

Then (now) Coronavirus…

Cooped up together for day after day of joyous family time! So wonderful and so…much. So much anxiety, powerlessness, and sadness weighing heavily on all of us. Having a practice to help us stay clear and centered is more important than ever.

So…let’s do some yoga together!
Need some alone time? Let the kids have some quality yoga/screen time with their friends.
Want a chance to move and destress? Join us!
My five original stories won’t last long, so I’ll include some favorite children’s books that have a theme related to the yamas & niyamas.

Our live stream YogaYama! classes offer:

  • Togetherness! How psyched will our children be to see their friends over Zoom???
  • Yoga Poses! (Gotta keep on movin’…)
  • Centering meditations! (Enjoy some deep calming breaths)
  • Stories and coloring! (The kids color while I read a story to them).
  • Showcase!  I will make a blog post for each class in which I put the title of the book we read, maybe a philosophy blurb, maybe a “pose of the day”…and YOU can take a pic of your child’s artwork (yours, too!) and post it in the comments.

How about Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30-12:15 p.m.?

In front of your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Go to, make a free account, then download the app. A few minutes before class starts, click on one of the links below. That’s it!

Tuesday Zoom link:

Thursday Zoom link:

Free. Because we could all use something easy right now.

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