Eden Yoga’s Covid-19 Student Safety Protocols

February 23, 2022 update:

  • Per state guidelines, masks are optional
  • If you are not feeling well due to a potentially contagious illness, even if it is not Covid-19, please stay home
  • We will continue to limit class size to provide six feet of space between students, except in the Rope Yoga classes

General Studio Guidelines

Entering Class

~Please be aware that others might feel safer saying “Hi” from several feet away. There is plenty of room to spread out as you remove your shoes and enter the studio

~Hand sanitizer is available inside the studio

~Although Covid-19 is not believed to be easily transmitted on surfaces, pillowcases are available to act as a clean barrier between you and the props

After Class

~You may feel very relaxed, open and connected. I hope so! Please remember that some students still feel more comfortable connecting with you from a few feet away.

~ If you used a studio mat, please spray and wipe it down with the provided supplies.

Thank you for your cooperation! I know we are all weary of these restrictions. Let us welcome them as a way to practice ahimsa (non-harming, kindness) in showing care and consideration for each other.

What are YOUR thoughts on this? We'd love to know!

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