Eden Yoga’s Covid-19 Student Safety Protocols

As a reminder to exercise caution and care, signage is placed at the studio entrances.
There are floor markings in the lobby and studio to help us all remain a minimum of 6 feet apart.
Please wear a mask at all times. It may be removed during class if it interferes with your ability to practice yoga.

Entering Class

  • ~Upon arrival, please sign and date the Personal Health and Public Safety Certification document
  • ~After removing shoes, please apply the provided hand sanitizer
  • ~Directly after applying hand sanitizer, please retrieve any necessary studio props and cover studio props with a fabric barrier (towel or pillowcase)

    During Class
  • ~Please observe the floor markings to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of spacing with your neighbors
  • ~We will keep the windows open to maintain maximum ventilation. Please wear layers during cooler weather

    After Class
  • ~You can still share the positive post-class vibes with your classmates—from 6 feet away. Please be especially mindful of this as you exit the studio
  • ~The teacher will sanitize all used studio mats, blocks, and touchable surfaces

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