Studio Location & FAQs

Concord Community Arts Center

Concord Community Arts Center

We are located on the second floor of the Concord Community Arts Center (formerly the Rumford Elementary School). There is ample off-street parking.
Our address is 40 Thorndike Street Suite 2C, Concord, NH 03301.

To watch a short video guiding you from the street to the studio, click here. 

Please review our updated Covid protocols.

Studio Etiquette

~Please leave shoes, coats, and bags in the designated area outside the studio. Valuables are best left at home, but may be tucked safely inside the studio.

~Please arrive a few minutes early so that you can get settled before class begins at the appointed time.

~If you arrive late and we are in the middle of quiet meditation, please wait outside until the 3 “Oms” are over before entering the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m sooo inflexible! Can I even do yoga? Where do I start?
A: An improved balance of strength & flexibility is a wonderful side effect of yoga practice–thankfully, it is not a prerequisite! The beauty of Iyengar yoga is that it will meet you where you’re at. Our Fundamentals Series is a great place to start, but most any class that fits into your schedule will likely be fine. Come give it a try!

Q: What do I wear to yoga? 
A: It’s best to wear comfortable clothing that does not inhibit movement. Any workout-type clothing is fine. Shorts or leggings are best (not sweatpants). They make it easier for the teacher to see your alignment.

Q: Do I need a yoga mat or other equipment?
A: No. We have everything you need here. If you have a mat or other props you like to use, feel free to bring them.

Q: Food and water…
A: It is not comfortable to practice on a full stomach. Give yourself an hour or two between mealtime and class. Come hydrated. You may bring your water bottle into class, but it is best not to drink much, as we might go upside down at any time.

Q: Are there bathrooms, changing rooms, or showers?
A: There are women’s and men’s bathrooms on the first floor and one unisex bathroom on the second floor near the studio.

Q: Is this hot yoga?
A: No. Studio temperatures hover around 75°F. It is best to wear layers in colder weather.

Q: What if I have an injury or physical concern?
A: This practice is open to all people and all abilities. Please let your instructor know about your concerns before class starts.  Some poses are contraindicated for menstruation or pregnancy, so please speak with the teacher about this. If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us via live-stream, if appropriate.  That said, yoga may not be appropriate for certain acute injuries or illnesses. If you are not sure about your specific condition, ask your doctor and email us at

Some students prefer to take a private yoga lesson prior to starting group classes. Other students enjoy pairing occasional private lessons with attending regular group classes. Private lessons will help you develop confidence and learn yoga techniques that fit your needs. To schedule a private lesson, please e-mail us.

Please note that if you are ill with a cold or flu, it is best to stay at home. If you are feeling well enough, check out our Livestream or pre-recorded classes!

Other questions? Contact Kim at or (603) 892-6325.

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