First Time to Eden?

We want to make your first visit to Eden Yoga as easy as possible.

Here is 1.5 minute video to help you find our studio.

(Hard-to-hear dialogue:
Eden Yoga is located at 40 Thorndike Street Concord, NH 03301 in the
Concord Community Arts Center (formerly the Rumford Elementary School).
We are 3 blocks west of South Main Street, and 1 block east of South Street).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there free, on-site parking?
A: Yes! There is a large parking lot to the side of the building.

Q: What’s the bathroom situation?
A: On the first floor there are women’s and men’s bathrooms each with several stalls.
On the second floor very close to the studio there is one comfortable, unisex bathroom.

Q: What do I wear to yoga? 
A: Comfortable clothing that does not inhibit movement. Any workout-type clothing is fine. We often go upside down to some degree or another, so skirts and loose shirts are not ideal if you prefer to be covered.

Q: Do you have water coolers?
No. However, there is free bottled water in the fridge in case you forgot your water bottle and are thirsty. *As stated above, we will likely go upside-down at some point so it is best to drink sparingly during yoga class.

Q: Shoes… 
A: Please do not wear outside shoes into the yoga studio. Yoga is done barefoot. (Feel free to wear socks during non-standing poses if your feet get cold easily).
For fitness classes, please bring gym sneakers that are not worn outside.

Q: Where can I leave my wallet/valuables?
A: It’s best to leave coats and shoes outside the studio, but feel free to bring valuables in with you. You may leave them in any out-of the-way spot in the studio.

Q: What if I arrive late to yoga class?
A: Class begins with seated meditation/quiet moment of reflection. Please wait until it is over to enter the studio.


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