For Kids & Parents

man standing beside his wife teaching their child how to ride bicycle

What is harder or more rewarding than raising a child?

There are moments when your heart feels so full of love it might explode.

Then there is the exhaustion of being on call 24/7. And the panic when you realize you are responsible for a small human who is more amazing than you could have ever imagined.

It’s also hard because this little human has a special gift for shining a light on all your shortcomings. (Thank the lord they are so cute and hilarious!) Yay for growth opportunities?!

Here is some support for you.

Yoga for kids!
Social-emotional skills and healthy movement all wrapped up in a fun-packed 45 minutes. You can join, too!

Fun & entertaining children’s books that promote social-emotional growth…For the kids, of course.

photo of mother working at home

Resources for parents

A curated list of book recommendations, blog posts, and videos to juice up your parenting mojo.

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